*For eligible donors and subject to change without notice. Please check with your local center for more details about your compensation.

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Donors Get Compensated
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Credit Card

How You Get Paid

Donors are paid via a “Cash Card.” After each donation, you will receive funds to an electronic account associated with the card. Funds can be withdrawn electronically or used at the point of sale (at any merchant) similar to using a debit card.

You Can Be Compensated
every time you donate

As a qualified donor, you can donate plasma up to two times a week. You will be financially compensated each time you donate.


Is your blood type

You may have this antibody if:

  • You ever donated plasma at another facility besides ADMA BioCenters
  • You ever donated plasma for another company and were told you have an Anti-D antibody or you were donating for Rh Immune Globulin
  • You were told you were “sensitized” during a pregnancy
  • You have had a reaction to a blood transfusion

Did You Know?

Plasma containing this important antibody is used to manufacture a drug called Rh Immune Globulin. Also known as Anti-D IG, this specialty drug product is given to Rh negative women during pregnancy to prevent a disease called Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn. This disease is known to cause a variety of birth defects which range from severe Jaundice and Cerebral Palsy to stillborn death. Rh Immune Globulin may also be used to treat a life-threatening condition called ITP.


If you believe you may have this special antibody, please contact us as soon as possible.

Your donation could save the life of an infant and others.